Putting your case in motion.

Our animations complement the written and spoken arguments made by you during mediation and trial. Complex and high-stakes cases increasingly benefit from translating complex facts into live-action motion that influences decision makers.

Demonstrate Key Elements

Creating technically accurate and visually stunning models is a key component to producing a great animation. At REDLINE, we use the latest drones, 3D scanners, photography, and databases to create fully rigged models. These models accurately represent the people, vehicles and structures involved in an incident. We provide you with still renderings of these models as a slide show to demonstrate key elements of an incident.

Tell Your Story

Combining animated models with real-life videos or photographs can elevate the realism and invite key people into a scene. We use the latest camera and software capabilities to blend images with animated content to tell your story.

Complex Facts of a Case

Animations add a level of dynamic storytelling to any legal case. Showing the sequence from a vehicle accident, human body motion during an injury event, or the first-person vantage point of a witness can be the insight needed for a mediator or juror to make a favorable decision. Animations bring the complex facts of a case to life in an approachable and moving medium.

Proven Process

Our proven process ensures that a technically accurate foundation is laid to produce credible and compelling visuals. After all, the visual content is only useful when the audience has an opportunity to view it. Our foundational and efficient process is approachable for non-technical clients and admissible in the most discerning courts.

REDLINE works with the engineer in charge, experts, and/or attorney client to determine their digital media needs based on the case and then gathers all data needed to produce the digital media. Tactics may include file review, field work, and/or data processing (includes aligning scans, processing drone data, and/or creating vehicle CAD drawings).

This stage can also include pre-visualization where a simple model is created so the client can review the timing, camera views, and other factors of the work before a photorealistic product is created.

REDLINE creates a photorealistic version of the requested product. This stage puts the client-approved pre-visualization models into motion. Throughout this stage clients are invited to review for any edits. Tactics may include photogrammetry, video enhancement, 3D modeling, reenactment, and/or animation.

REDLINE makes any final edits and renders the digital media work for final use.

Because the facts can’t speak for themselves.

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