Creating a reality experience for your audience.

Sometimes your audience needs to experience an event to fully understand your legal position. Creating an admissible reenactment of a complex, injury-causing incident demands the highest level of technical and creative skills. Thankfully, we have facilitated numerous onsite reenactments of high exposure matters that have resulted in admissible deliverables.


Conducting a legitimate reenactment involves much more than a few folks out at a scene with video cameras. It takes careful planning to ensure safety, capture relevant views, adhere to scientific principles, and recreate the story that is the essence of your case. We actively assist in developing an onsite production and final presentation strategy that will ensure that the mediation or trial audience experiences the event from the perspective of your client or testifying expert.

Onsite Production

We regularly facilitate full-scale reenactments for attorneys and experts so they can observe and analyze relevant circumstances without worrying about camera settings, rigging equipment, or managing a film crew. We use the latest low light technology (nighttime) video equipment, rigging, and software to capture footage that brings your audience to the scene of an incident.

Video Compositing

Capturing reliable data during onsite production work is imperative but the real storytelling begins with compositing. We create powerful stories by combining still images and video footage to provide a mediator or juror with the view experienced by your client. Compositing the final product is done in a documented manner where environmental and lighting conditions are preserved while overlaying computer graphics to customize the footage to the exact facts of your case. This meticulous process is designed to provide a credible and compelling experience for your mediation audience, judge, and jury.

REDLINE works with the engineer in charge, experts, and/or attorney client to determine their digital media needs based on the case and then gathers all data needed to produce the digital media. Tactics may include file review, field work, and/or data processing (includes aligning scans, processing drone data, and/or creating vehicle CAD drawings).

This stage can also include pre-visualization where a simple model is created so the client can review the timing, camera views, and other factors of the work before a photorealistic product is created.

REDLINE creates a photorealistic version of the requested product. This stage puts the client-approved pre-visualization models into motion. Throughout this stage clients are invited to review for any edits. Tactics may include photogrammetry, video enhancement, 3D modeling, reenactment, and/or animation.

REDLINE makes any final edits and renders the digital media work for final use.

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