Visual Analysis

Evidence hidden in plain sight, revealed.

Pictures may be worth a thousand words, but they don’t tell the entire story. Our talented technical professionals can reveal crucial evidence in photos, security camera footage and mobile device content using the latest photogrammetry techniques and software.

Causality and Liability

Flat photos and digital images can be transformed into 3D models using photogrammetry algorithms. Important measurements of sight distances, crush damage and pedestrian clearances are determined directly from these computer models, allowing you and your expert to address issues of causality and liability. These visuals are highly effective when included in a presentation during mediation or trial.

Visualizing the Sequence

Human body kinematics and character animation involve highly-complex motion that we replicate through our reality and motion capture cameras and software. A workplace injury or vehicle-pedestrian accident is accurately captured and reproduced in a way that visualizes the sequence of events. This technique ensures that your audience can fully understand the severity of the incident.

Revealing a Clear View

Combining photogrammetry and video analysis is a powerful way to understand line of sight issues, witness vantage points and other spatial matters that are often captured on mobile devices or in grainy security camera footage. At REDLINE Forensic Studios we can refine this footage to reveal a clear view of the incident while creating scaled models that are used by experts to conduct time and distance analysis. We are also equipped to estimate speeds of vehicles, pedestrians, or other moving objects through pose matching and video analysis.

REDLINE works with the engineer in charge, experts, and/or attorney client to determine their digital media needs based on the case and then gathers all data needed to produce the digital media. Tactics may include file review, field work, and/or data processing (includes aligning scans, processing drone data, and/or creating vehicle CAD drawings).

This stage can also include pre-visualization where a simple model is created so the client can review the timing, camera views, and other factors of the work before a photorealistic product is created.

REDLINE creates a photorealistic version of the requested product. This stage puts the client-approved pre-visualization models into motion. Throughout this stage clients are invited to review for any edits. Tactics may include photogrammetry, video enhancement, 3D modeling, reenactment, and/or animation.

REDLINE makes any final edits and renders the digital media work for final use.

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