Compelling visuals for winning cases.

We are dedicated to breathing life into your legal case through our technically sound and visually engaging content. Our animations and reenactment videos are thoughtfully designed to persuade your audience to understand and believe your side of the case.


We create animations that move the hearts and minds of your audience. Our scientifically and factually based animations are especially effective in mediation and trials when you are closing a negotiation or convincing a jury of a favorable verdict.

Visual Analysis

We reveal evidence hidden in plain sight on photographs, security camera footage and mobile phones. We regularly refine the quality of images and extract scientific data – think timing, distances, witness positions and speeds – through photogrammetry and pose matching techniques.


Imagine if your mediation or trial audiences could experience the incident being debated. Our full-scale reenactments create reality for your audience. These realistic video presentations give your audience the chance to be a part of the event.

Because the facts can’t speak for themselves.

We’re here to help.