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Case Study

Capturing a Milestone Event for Novant Health Foundation

Business Challenge

Novant Health Foundation wanted to commemorate the construction milestone of their new breast cancer center. They sought video production services to capture the significance of the building’s construction topping out ceremony, gather B-roll footage, and create engaging social media content for future use.


The REDLINE team approached the project with meticulous planning and a focus on storytelling. We collaborated closely with Novant Health Foundation to understand the significance of the event and visualize the desired outcome. We drew inspiration from similar commemorative events, envisioning a celebration filled with emotional moments and impactful speeches.

In pre-production, we strategized with our videographer, outlining a shot list and emphasizing the importance of capturing authentic emotions and narratives. We aimed to document the heartfelt stories shared by breast cancer survivors, the excitement of Novant executives, and the dedication of the construction team. Assets provided by our client, including blueprint imagery and 3D renders of the future building, informed our creative direction and were seamlessly integrated into the final video.

During the event, we captured key moments with precision and professionalism. The presence of the center's namesake and major donors added a personal touch to the ceremony, further emphasizing its significance for patients and the community.

Benefit to

The deliverables provided to Novant Health Foundation encapsulated the essence of the topping out ceremony and the spirit of the new breast cancer center. Our package included a full-length video highlighting the event's highlights and speeches, as well as shorter clips tailored for social media platforms. Our expert editing and branding ensured a cohesive and impactful visual narrative aligned with the client's vision.

The video content produced served as a powerful tool for Novant Health Foundation to engage their audience, raise awareness, and showcase their commitment to combating breast cancer. By capturing and immortalizing this milestone event, our collaboration with Novant Health Foundation contributed to their ongoing efforts in healthcare and philanthropy.

This case study demonstrates the power of video production when used for visual storytelling in a corporate setting. 

Production Time: 

In terms of production timeframe, our process typically begins with thorough pre-production planning, which may span one to two days. During this phase, we collaborate closely to establish scheduling, discuss visual goals, and determine the necessary equipment for the shoot. Given the nature of this project – capturing a live event -- extensive preliminary storyboarding or extensive shot lists were deemed unnecessary. Instead, our focus was on not only capturing the event itself, but also remaining flexible and adaptable to possible impromptu interview opportunities.

Upon returning to the studio, post-event, our team took about three days to sift through the footage and commence the editing process. Despite the absence of a client-imposed deadline, we set a self-imposed deadline to ensure timely delivery of the final product. Remarkably, we were able to complete the editing within a week following the event, demonstrating our commitment to efficiency and meeting project milestones.

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