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How We Work

Through a dance of conversations and ideations, we craft a storyboard that's not just a visual journey but a narrative that echoes your goals and vision—infusing life into the story and laying down the essential facts. Our approach is iterative, a harmonious collaboration with all stakeholders and our powerhouse team at REDLINE.

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The Deliverables

initial consult and budget overview icon

1. Initial Consult and Budget Overview

Where it all begins—kickstarting the conversation and giving you a glimpse of the financial landscape.

draft composition icon

3. Draft Composition

The in-between stage—where drafts breathe life into the storyboard, paving the way to the final product. All assets have been created.

storyboard and detailed budget icon

2. Storyboard and Detailed Budget

Roadmap taking shape—your visual narrative mapped out with precision, accompanied by the nitty-gritty details.

final composition icon

4. Final Composition

The magnum opus—complete with annotations, pauses, and callouts. This is where your story comes to life in its full glory.

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