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Case Study

Evoking Empathy in Plaintiff Litigation through Dynamic Visual Storytelling

Business Challenge

An attorney client sought assistance in presenting complex accident reconstruction data and legal arguments in a compelling and understandable manner. The challenge was to create engaging visual content to support their plaintiff case in court.


The accident involved a logging truck and a passenger vehicle that included a young child; the story needed to address not just the accident but also the impact on the family’s quality of life post-accident. The task was not merely about presenting facts but about evoking empathy and understanding in the courtroom.

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Our team collaborated closely with the accident reconstruction expert and our attorney client to understand the intricacies of the case. In this case, a logging truck driver’s visibility was impacted as a left turn attempt was being made; visibility was affected by barricades and vehicles parked at a nearby sawmill parking lot. The REDLINE team received comprehensive assets upfront, including collision reports, written statements, incident videos, engineering data, and more. Thorough familiarization with these assets allowed us to craft a clear narrative.

We leveraged advanced animation and modeling software to create photorealistic dynamic animations and narrative videos. Pre-calls with the accident reconstruction expert and discussions with the attorney client ensured alignment on the storytelling approach. Emphasis was placed on captivating the audience with emotion and sensation, aiming to make viewer feel as if they were present during the accident. Our goal was to give the viewer the same perspective as if they had been at the scene. Listen to Bree Jones, Creative Director at REDLINE talk about this case

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Benefit to

The REDLINE client was able to settle the case during the mediation stage. By effectively visualizing the events leading to the accident, including the experiences of the young plaintiff, REDLINE’s animation and narrative video played a pivotal role in securing a favorable settlement. This case exemplifies the transformative power of dynamic visual storytelling in the legal realm.

The REDLINE team also go the unique opportunity to meet the young plaintiff and her family during a Zoom call after mediation and the virtual meeting provided a profound sense of accomplishment and highlighted the impact of their work on the lives of those involved. 

This case exemplifies the power of dynamic visual storytelling in legal representation, ultimately achieving justice for our clients.

Production Time: 

The process of bringing our vision to life was a labor of dedication and meticulous attention to detail. It spanned over two to four months, during which we meticulously crafted both the animation and the narrative video. The animation painstakingly recreated the incident, ensuring accuracy and clarity in every frame. Meanwhile, the narrative video featured the expert articulating the facts of the case, seamlessly intertwined with the visuals to bolster their testimony. This comprehensive approach ensured that our clients had two powerful tools at their disposal during mediation.

In terms of lead time, we were fortunate to have been given a generous window of four to six months to orchestrate everything. While this lead time provided ample breathing room for thorough preparation, we understand that it may not always be the norm. Attorneys who proactively cultivate relationships with partners like REDLINE, can often navigate tighter timelines with ease as the relationship has already been established. Whether facing a lengthy lead time or a last-minute request for a miracle, our team remains committed to delivering exceptional results, fueled by collaboration and trust.

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