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Case Study

Capturing Creativity -- The Charlotte Project Runway Event Teaser Journey

Business Challenge

The Novant Health Foundation, in collaboration with fashion designer Luis Machicao, aimed to launch the inaugural Charlotte Project Runway event. This massive-scale culture and lifestyle client project brought together various arts organizations, including the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra, Opera Carolina, and the Charlotte Ballet, along with local aspiring fashion designers. The goal was to create a New Year's Gala event dedicated to raising awareness for mental health while showcasing the creativity of the Charlotte community. The challenge was to effectively promote this unique event and engage donors while highlighting the significance of the cause.


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REDLINE embarked on a comprehensive strategic approach to capture the essence of the Charlotte Project Runway event. Initial discussions with Luis Machicao provided insights into the event's concept and challenges faced by the participating designers. Our team strategically planned a series of shoots, beginning with documenting the designers' journey from the initial meetup to their preparations for the competition. We collaborated closely with arts organizations and healthcare professionals to gather diverse perspectives on the event's significance.


Throughout the six-month project duration, our team conducted interviews with key stakeholders, including representatives from the arts organizations, hospital staff, and the participating fashion designers. We meticulously captured behind-the-scenes footage of the designers' creative process, challenges, and aspirations, as well as the rehearsals and preparations, to include preparations by the Charlotte Ballet dancers since they would be serving as models. The interviews and footage provided a comprehensive view of the event's impact and the collaborative efforts involved.

Benefit to

The video production deliverables produced by REDLINE served as powerful tools to promote the Charlotte Project Runway event and raise awareness for mental health. A highlight was the creation of a welcome video featured at the New Year's Gala, incorporating B-roll footage and soundbites from various stakeholders. Additionally, individual featurettes showcasing each designer were played before their runway presentations, adding a personal touch to the event. A special video detailing the genesis of the project, featuring Luis Machicao and his collaborative partner, Midge Barron provided insight into the event's conception and added depth to the narrative.

The videos produced by REDLINE not only enhanced the event experience but also served as valuable post-event content for social media sharing. Overall, our collaboration with the Novant Health Foundation and Luis Machicao contributed to the success of the Charlotte Project Runway event, effectively combining philanthropy, creativity, and community engagement for a worthy cause.

Production Time: 

Initial conversations between REDLINE and Novant Health Foundation commenced in June 2023, marking the beginning of the planning phase for the Charlotte Project Runway event teaser. Collaboration with fashion designer Luis Machicao ensued in July and continued throughout the entirety of 2023. As part of the early planning and ideation process, the REDLINE team meticulously prepared a mood board and storyboard to align with the vision of the event.

Distinguished from typical client scenarios, this project demanded an extensive amount of footage to be captured over a period of six months. The pre-production phase involved strategizing and scheduling shoots to document various stages of the event's preparation, from the initial designer meetup to rehearsals and interviews with key stakeholders. Throughout this duration, our team remained dedicated to capturing the essence and significance of the Charlotte Project Runway event.


Recognizing that any delay in delivery was not an option, our team worked tirelessly during a one-week period to ensure that the final product was ready for the New Year's Gala. The delivered content played a significant role in the event itself, serving as a key component of the gala's program and highlighting the collaborative efforts of all involved stakeholders. This expedited post-production process underscored our commitment to meeting deadlines and delivering exceptional results for our clients.

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